Rockwall area's best pulled pork barbeque sandwichPulled pork sandwich – just like mama used to make only waaaay better.  We’re not pulling your leg (just the pork).

Rockwall area's best smoked turkey leg Smoked turkey legs – big enough for two people, but good enough you won’t want to share.

Rockwal area's best barbeque Texas-style brisketTexas-size brisket on a bun – the Alamo, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, and Brisket make the Lone Star State great.

Rockwall area's award-winning barbeque pork spare ribsAward-winning ribs – Ribs so good Adam might not have given any to Eve.

Rockwall area's best barbeque grilled sausage
Sausage – grilled to juicy, mouth-watering perfection.

Dine-in or Carry-out Menu

By the sandwich or by the pound, we’ll feed you right:


Chopped beef, sausage, or pork – $6.99

Sliced beef or turkey – $6.99

Rib sandwich – $6.99

Brisket Burrito – $9.99 per huge roll-up

Meal Special

Sandwich 2 sides (sandwiches come with pickles, onions, and bbq sauce) or 3 tacos and 2 sides $9.50

Brisket sandwich and fries or 3 tacos and fries $7.99

Meat by the pound

Brisket $15.99

Sausages (regular sausage, jalapeno and chz, hot links, and hatch green chile sausage) $11.99

Turkey $15.99

Pulled Pork $15.99

Ribs $15.99


Brisket tacos – a Texas improvement on a Mexican tradition:

Brisket taco – $2.50 each

Mack’s Taco Value Pack – $35.99 (feeds 4 people)

includes 15 brisket tacos, beans, fries, or slaw

(substitute another side for $.50)


“Party Pack”

1/2 lbs brisket, pull pork, turkey, sausage, 1 lbs ribs. 2 chop beef sandwiches 4 tacos and 2 large sides. $64.99


“bbq bowl”

any meat of choice, onions, cilantro, bbq sauce, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos, beans, cole slaw. All in a bowl. Med $5.99 large $9.00


Meat plates – including 2 sides, pickles, onions, and bbq sauce – will fill you up (or else!):

1 meat -$10.99

2 meats – $12.99

3 meats – $13.99

(rib combo plate add $1.00)

Rib plate – $11.99

The Big Boy Sampler plate (feeds 2-3 people)- $26.99

Put on your Big Boy pants and get a lil bit of everything

(includes beans, slaw, or fries, sub for $1.00 more)

Sandwich or 3 Tacos with one side $7.99 (with two sides $9.50)

Stuffed Potato (brisket, pork, sausage, or turkey) $9.99

For the Kids: Chicken nuggets and fries $3.99

Burrito “try it fried” $9.99

Brisket Nachos $9.99
Available ingredients:

  • Corn chips
  • Shredded cheese
  • Nacho cheese
  • Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Jalapenos
  • Beans
  • Sour cream
  • Brisket
  • Bbq sauce

Our world-famous sides (just ask our moms):

Ranch-style pinto beans, potato salad, slaw, fries, okra and fried zucchini, fried corn nuggets, fried pickles, hatch green chile smoked mac and cheese.

Small: $2.99                   Medium $4.99                    Large $7.99

Each of the following: $9.99

  • Loaded fries
  • Loaded tots
  • Stuffed potato
  • Fried burrito
  • Brisket nachos


Our desserts to die for (when available):

Mandy’s Pecan Pie, Brownies – $2.99 each